Getting from A to Bee!

To say getting out of the house with two young children is a mission has got to be an understatement! But just as you have finished wrestling your incredibly strong 9 month old, have him all cleaned up, buttoned up and ready to go, have managed to convince your 3 year old that Peppa will still be on TV when you get home as well as Ben & Holly, Zack and Quack and he finally has his shoes on.. the right way, you have the tricky question of which mode of transport are we taking today? Depending on where we are going, what we are doing and for how long, not to forget the weather, all contribute to deciding on how to get there.

Whilst pregnant with my second son, I quickly decided that a double buggy was a must. Harry still napped during the day and so this was my ticket to staying mobile. Whilst at the Baby and Toddler show at Eventcity Manchester I chose the Baby Jogger City Mini. However, after a bit of googling I soon realised that there were several options available to transport two young ‘uns. I bought the surf board for my Silver Cross single pram and also invested in a Caboo Close Baby Carrier. These now gave me plenty of choice to lead an active and mobile life with both the boys or so I thought… I soon began to realise that having two young children in tow makes getting around no mean feat. All options have their pros and cons and unfortunately I didn’t find any option easier than the other. This is what I found:

Option 1: Double Buggy

Pros – I know where both children are at all times and I feel happy that they can nap comfortably.

Cons – With both boys in it, it is heavy to push, especially in my area as there are a lot of hills! No child likes to stay in one place for too long especially not my wriggling Jack.

Option 2: Single Buggy with/without buggy board

Pros – allows Harry to hop on and off the board as and when depending on where we are, very handy if he is tired of walking.

Cons – Unfortunately the design of my board means that it is very difficult to push when in use as it is difficult to take a full stride. When not in use maneuvering the pram with one hand due to trying to hold Harry’s hand with the other is the most unenjoyable challenge!

Option 3: Baby Carrier

Pros – This is a great option if we are going on a short errand. Jack is happy to be carried and Harry and I can hold hands easily which makes a short stroll very enjoyable indeed.  Now Jack is nearly 10 kg we have started to use a Tula baby carrier most recently and I have found this easier to use as it provides more support for us both and so we have been able to enjoy being out and about with this for a little longer. I feel in control of both boys and have even managed to carry a parcel in the other hand at the same time too! 

Cons – Jack is too fidgety, he’s just not a fan of being carried this way for long periods.

 And finally Option 4: Carrying the baby seat

I only really did this when collecting Harry from nursery. My advice on this is to use this option sparingly and as a last resort! This is perhaps less enjoyable than option 3!!

Consequently the double buggy only gets used when we purposely go out for a walk but now Spring has arrived this will happen more often (Yay!). Walking with a 3 year old and a pram regardless of the buggy board is just bloody hard work. The Caboo baby carrier only got used in and around the house however using the Tula baby carrier in recent weeks has made my life a little easier. Unfortunately I found that there is no perfect solution to transporting two children around with you as all require patience, strength, the ability to count to 10, and eyes in the back of your head!

Or an extra pair of hands… Mum do you fancy coming to the shops? 🙂


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