Why I am looking forward to the boys growing up

Since becoming a mummy I have noticed that many parents and non-parents for that matter make comments such as, ‘they won’t stay little forever’, ‘they’ll be grown up before you know it’, ‘blink and you miss it’. As the saying goes if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard ‘time goes so fast’ I’d be rich! The truth is as much as I don’t want to rush through life and there is nothing more I like to do than look at my little boys just as they are now, I am also excited to see them grow and I am looking forward to seeing what the future will hold for them. I don’t want to stay in the here and now forever, at this moment in time that would feel like torture! The endless amounts of washing, ironing, tidying, trying to clean two pairs of dirty mitts several times a day, two dirty mushes, wiping bums, filling the dishwasher, emptying the dishwasher, making up the bottles, cleaning bottles, answering the same questions over and over again… its groundhog day!!!

I am always ready for the next stage, packing up the small baby clothes, packing away the moses basket, I get a sense of relief that Jack is becoming a little independent person. I am not wishing his baby days away but as I see him crawl, cruise and start to practice standing alone, I am proud of all the milestones he is reaching. Seeing him laugh, clap, bop along to songs we sing, they are all little things that he is learning and everything he learns make me smile. Seeing him start to communicate with us by copying what we do and join in when we laugh, are all reasons why I am looking forward to him growing up. OK I admit I am not a huge fan of the newborn stage but once they are able to smile, laugh and learn things, I see them grow and I am excited to see what little person they will become.

I have always been able to be positive about what the future may bring, excited even. I’m excited to hear what ambitions the boys will have. Even now hearing Harry talk about wanting to go to the moon, yes the actual thought fills me with dread but it’s so very exciting that he is already trying to understand the world we live in and what can be achieved. I am looking forward to seeing the boys start school, learn to read and write, play sports, have hobbies and interests, develop friendships. I am looking forward to seeing their own relationship grow, intrigued as to how they will interact with one another when Jack is able to communicate (yes I can already hear the whining.. It’s mine….I waaaaaaant it!). But regardless of the potential squabbles and fights, I hope this will help them bond as brothers. I cannot wait to help them grow, to teach them, explain things to them and be there for them. No matter how tough raising the boys can be at times, seeing them grow and develop into their own little characters makes this job all worthwhile. Being a mummy is the hardest and most tiring challenge I have ever had but I wouldn’t swap it for anything, despite all the washing and dirty bums! 🙂
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