Clare Robinson – A Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

One of the many joys of having children is capturing all those amazing moments on camera. Like many of us today, I use the camera on my iPhone and there is nothing I love to do more than look back at all the pictures I have taken of my two boys. However nothing compares to photographs being taken by a professional.The quality they are able to achieve is well worth the investment.

We first met Clare when she came to take some snaps of Harry’s Christening, she came highly recommended by my Auntie who kindly gifted us a two hour photography session with her. It was such a lovely gift and one we were very much looking forward to using. So in Summer 2014, not long after Jack was born, we arranged for Clare to come to our house to capture some photos of the boys together. We decided to do the photo shoot at home as we thought the boys would be more comfortable in their own environment and because we wanted our photos to have a true personal feel.

Clare has a natural approach and clearly enjoys what she does. She made us feel completely at ease and was incredible patient with us, especially our highly energetic then 2 year old who didn’t want to be told what to do that day! Clare uses a mixture of 35mm film and digital photography, although she confesses to favouring film shots herself due to the element of surprise you get when they are processed. Truth be told, after Clare left we felt a little deflated, we were exhausted with trying to engage both boys and we honestly felt like it had been an impossible task capturing any decent images. However, we were completely blown away when we saw the end results. Clare hand delivered all the images on a USB for us to keep, we could then flick through and order any prints directly from her. We had a great time looking through all the images, we were genuinely surprised and over the moon with how many quality photos there were and nearly all of them were framers! We now have some wonderful photos to treasure and they already take pride of place in our living room!

Here are some of our favourite pics!

Claire Robinson Photography

Claire Robinson PhotographyClaire Robinson Photography045Claire Robinson PhotographyClaire Robinson PhotographyClare Robinson Photography                      

If you are thinking of investing in some high quality family photos or looking for someone to photograph a special occasion then we highly recommend Clare. In fact we have asked Clare to photograph Jack’s Christening this Summer so we can add to our collection!

For more information and to see more of Clare’s work click here.

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