May 2015

Better late than never! Here is my first link to #meandmine, a family portrait project.

Me&Mine May 2015

Me & Mine: May 2015

May has been a great month for us! For the main part we have enjoyed a 10 day family holiday in Cyprus with our friends, there were 6 adults and 6 children in total. There wasn’t a minutes peace but it was a brilliant holiday and we have all enjoyed spending time with our friends in a fabulous place. We stayed in self-catering apartments in Aphrodite Hills which provides excellent facilities for all the family and is located in a stunning setting by the coast but more to come on this place shortly.

I attended my first blogging event at the beginning of the month, the Blog On Conference held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Being new to the blogging scene it was a great day, the keynotes and sessions even though some were fairly basic were really helpful and I was lucky to meet a couple of lovely local bloggers which just made the day even more worthwhile. Take a look at my new blogging friends Holly Goes Lightly and Lorna Fairie.


There was a lot of excitement in the lead up to the holiday as Harry was looking forward to meeting up with his pals. He was also excited to fly on an aeroplane and luckily for us (and the rest of the passengers) the flights went without any major problems. We had the iPad for Harry and he was quite happy watching Paddington Bear and snacking and Jack slept for two out of the four and a half hour flight on the way there. We caught a night flight home and both boys slept pretty much the whole way but even though we were all quiet we were all pretty uncomfortable! I still need a bit of practice at packing our hand luggage, however, as it was a little hectic and stressful trying to board the plane with the children and 4 big bags! If only I’d read this post by Louise at Mum of Boys before I went, I could have perhaps saved myself some trouble and immense arm ache!

The boys had a whale of a time on holiday and they were in great company with our friends’ children. This month Harry has discovered Superheroes and Lego and was ecstatic when he saw a Spiderman Lego set at the airport. Spiderman is his new favourite and it’s been a welcome change swapping Peppa Pig for Spiderman on TV recently. I am slightly surprised at how much he enjoys Lego as I imagined him to be a little older before he got in to it. He seems more than capable at remembering how to put the pieces together which was probably thanks to our friends’ son Krishna, 5, teaching him. He was completely mesmerized watching him build and play Lego and was entranced listening to all the tales and facts about Superheroes.

I was able to get a couple of hours sunbathing most days whilst Jack napped and I also took my trainers with me in an attempt to kick start my running. I managed two mornings in unbearable heat, it was 25 degrees by 8am on the mornings I ran so it was most definitely a workout. I also discovered Yoga whilst being away, the resort had an incredible Spa and us girls decided to partake in a Yoga session which was utterly amazing. Not only did I feel the benefits from the exercise a day later, I felt completely relaxed. It is something that I will be taking up at home for sure, not only for keeping fit but just so I get chance to unwind each week.

Since we have returned from holiday, Jack has completed his first two taster sessions at nursery and has had a great time meeting his new playmates but more importantly there have been no tears so far! On holiday Jack spent a lot of time watching his playmate Rose, 13 months,  walk, and since we have been back he has been practising walking non-stop and we are on 3 to 4 steps so far. I am hoping he’ll be walking before he turns 1 in a couple of weeks.

I haven’t had much chance to blog this month but I am hoping June will provide me with more time to do so (I just need to get through the pile of washing and ironing from holiday first!). On that note I’ll leave you with a few snaps from our holiday. Enjoy.

Me & Mine May 2015

Aphrodite Hills May 2015 Mummy & Harry Aphrodite Hills

Swimming with daddy

Swimming with Daddy

Group photo

The Gang


Limassol May 2015Limassol May 2015Harry & his pals

dear beautiful